Six Exhibition @ View From The Top Gallery

The Six Exhibition is a very impressive portfolio of inspired examples of local art, the range and quality of these six artist’s work is immense. The bold series of Fern plant prints by Gillian Choo combine the organic shapes of ferns with inorganic colour schemes making for a very satisfying collection. In stark contrast comes Stephen Ingman’s ‘Proud’, an oil painting of Nottingham City Hall in which the patently luminous Hall appears lost on the canvas as it sits under the heaviest of storm clouds.

Lorna Hooper’s collection, Traces of Virginia, is a truly impressive series. While her white canvases, hosting just several blue-grey features of a face don’t challenge the eye, her matt shaded canvases with simple, but nevertheless perfectly formed, white swirls taunt you to look for something. The human aspect of Six is provided by Clinton Croson. Ranging from the vivid oil depiction of a Muslim woman employing a Union Flag as a headdress, to the simple sepia pen sketches of a cat and owl besides ornate Celtic graves, Croson’s contribution here is excellent.

Eireann Lorsung’s framed little scenes comprised of doodle-like cuttings of characters, animals and objects presented here, provide the pretty element amongst the bold work. Completing the six for me was Joan Beal, her skewed and unusual watercolour portraits complement the gallery with their colour. Six is very much worth seeing, and the artists are certainly people that Nottingham can be proud of.

Rowan Bell

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