Bar Seven

Junktion7 has had a revamp. Complete with new name, new paint, and new nights, Bar Seven is the shiny new incarnation of its slightly grimy predecessor. Friday 13th, launch night, saw the first of a new fortnightly fixture described by the organisers as “possibly the friendliest club atmosphere…fusing an extremely danceable mix of punk and pop”. Pop Bubble Rock! avoids the pretension of being cliquey and ‘too cool’, whilst remaining a credible alternative to the usual cheesy fare. If a fusion of punk and pop doesn’t sound like your thing, then why not bring along your own choice of tunes to boogie the night away? The DJs will happily accept your CDs of up to 3 tracks each, so that for the first hour-and-a-half of the night you will be in control. A monthly offering of BandSoc House Party reunites Bar Seven with student bands, providing the ultimate student house party with live music, and with 50% of the proceeds going to Oxfam. Finally, if all that partying is beginning to take its toll, Bar Seven has kindly created The Hangover Club, the perfect setting in which to nurse away the sins of Saturday night with chilled out DJs and coffee in plentiful supply.

An NUS card will see you through the door of most featured nights for around £4, with cheap drink deals each night.

Jamilla Hinds-Brough


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