Boom Room @ Market Bar

February 2009 began with the credit crunch, oh yes the credit crunch. And a little bit of snow, bloody life-threatening snow, the type of snow that means no one in England can do anything. It also brought a new semester. But most importantly it whipped up The Market Bar’s latest addition to the Nottingham social scene: BOOM ROOM!

It’s on a Wednesday, every Wednesday. So I should probably tell you that it’s a welcome alternative to that much-loved piss-pot Isis! Look, if you like Isis then crack on me old son. But if you don’t then your Wednesday night just got a little bit tasty methinks.

Boom Room professes to “drop beats like bombs”. This proverbial reference to the music is a fitting description of the huge dubstep, electro and garage tunes being delivered to you throughout the night. With the bass smacking you in the face with a big cricket bat and the misty atmosphere of Market Bar, perfectly married with cheap drinks, the denouement is an absolute ripsnorter of a night.

The Market Bar already provides us with our favourite Tuesday and Thursday nights, and now it’s trying to eat into oour Wednesday nights as well, cheeky little swine. Expect Boom Room to take off in a big way – after all it does “drop beats like bombs”.

Ed Davidson


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