‘Do Urinate Here’ says Notts Prankster

A Nottingham prankster caused havoc for the City Council over the Christmas period, using hoax signs to convince people to urinate in public.

The signs were put up over the festive period in and around Nottingham city centre, displaying an image of a toilet accompanied by the phrase, “Public Urination Permitted After 7.30pm”. The creators ensured their signs maintained authenticity by attaching a note headed with the Nottingham City Council logo, explaining that the scheme was intended to “reduce late night public nuisance during the holiday period” by designating several areas for public urination. The signs attempted to convince unwitting citizens by claiming the measures were in response to the growing number of Nottingham residents having to clean up after ‘late night revellers’. The note also promised that such areas were to be cleaned daily during the early hours of the morning.


A spokeswoman for the council said: “We are taking the signs down as quickly as possible. It is an offence to urinate in public and these signs have been put up illegally, for whatever reason. We would urge people to ignore them, otherwise they could find themselves inadvertently facing a prosecution.”

Hattie Hamilton


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