Introducing… Dawntreader

The light is on and burning brightly for the masses when it comes to dubstep in Nottingham. For those who don’t yet know, ‘dubstep’ characterizes an amalgamation of sounds from an expanse of different genres. Indeed, some have become disillusioned by the formulaic nature of other types of music, which might explain the overwhelming allure of the fresh and eclectic sound of dubstep. It is described through associations with such diverse genres as grime, garage, 2 step, techno, minimal and dub yet still it remains distinct and innovative – the inherently underground sound of dubstep is beginning to be felt by the masses.  

The introspective and atmospheric feel of the music, and also the scope for diversity created a scene championed by bed-room DJ’s and exciting young producers, some of which even spring from our own uni. Having already heard former student Brackles bang out his unstoppable remix of Kid Cudi vs Crookers’ Day ‘N’ Night on Ministry Of Sound’s Data label; we might now observe another emerging talent who goes by the name of Dawntreader. The DJ and producer, aka Sam Halsall has been making beats since his first year and DJing since he was at school. Dawntreader hosts a radio show every Saturday on the renowned Sub FM alongside counterparts Littlefoot and fellow Nottingham student Casual P. 

Sam, a third year philosophy student has been creating a buzz on some huge nights, notably with his set at Detonate alongside Martyn and more recently at new night Boom Room at Market Bar. With tunes played on Rinse FM, a residency at Bassline Smith’s Interface in Derby, and bookings for Basslaced and Futureproof, 2009 looks to be a bright year for the 21 year old. Dawntreader blends a love of claps and heavy synths to produce his version of what might be interpreted as a fusion of dubstep and garage, an example of the organic progression of dubstep as it is characterized by the youth and exuberance of its producers. Admittedly ‘inspired’ by the early Skream bangers, Dawntreader will be playing alongside the Tempa Records heavyweight at Detonate’s 10th birthday. 

Andy Whitelaw


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