‘Love your new stuff’

After a spate of burglaries in Lenton over the last few months, the University and Nottingham Police have stepped up their campaign to make us more aware of the dangers we face as students. With the premise of showing burglars that we intend to keep our possessions safe, the ‘Love Your New Stuff’ campaign advises students on the easiest ways to prevent theft, with the aim of ensuring that safety is always at the forefront of our minds.

Informing us that students are three times more likely to be burgled than any other group, the campaign’s objective is to stop students from becoming victims and amend this worrying statistic. It offers simple yet effective tips on how to minimise risks: locking bedroom doors and windows before going out or going to sleep, making a detailed list of all valuable possessions including serial numbers, and displaying the SmartWater logo as a deterrent to burglars. This free property-marking service means that stolen valuables will be difficult to sell on and are easily traceable.

With the majority of student robbery victims last year being young men walking alone, students are advised to keep mobile phones and iPods out of sight, to stay in groups wherever possible and be particularly alert at cashpoints. As part of the programme to make students feel safer, uniformed police will be patrolling areas of concentrated student accommodation as well as adopting a ‘meet and greet’ scheme to help students move into their new homes.

While this campaign offers no ground-breaking solutions, it certainly reinforces the need for constant vigilance and awareness, with its website constantly being updated to keep students well-informed of shifting crime trends around our city.

Sophie Vogel


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