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Particles @ The Surface Gallery

The Surface Gallery is one of the best kept secrets of Nottingham’s art scene. Created and run entirely by volunteers, this small gallery regularly shows a diverse selection of work by both local and international artists. The latest exhibition, Particles, emphasises difference and manages to incorporate a remarkable range of art forms as everything from film to sculpture and watercolour is on display in the small gallery space.

Particles can best be described as an eclectic mix of work; within the exhibition you will find everything from the aesthetically pleasing (Kaoru Shimada’s cartoon style pieces), to the admittedly bizarre (I couldn’t fathom the meaning of the blue taps hanging from the ceiling). Karen Ay’s ‘Luck of the Draw’ is particularly powerful, as the artist had incorporated the UN’s human development index into a poker game to emphasise the importance of luck and the differences in life chances in various countries.

Particles is definitely worth visiting and, as the Surface Gallery is always looking for people to help out, there are many opportunities to volunteer and assist with future exhibitions.

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