Restaurant and Cafe of the month

Restaurant of the month: Curry Lounge

This Indian Restaurant has not always held the standard it does today. With the help of Gordon Ramsay and his popular TV show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, the Curry Lounge’s décor and menu have been transformed. No longer attempting to cater for anyone and everyone, the menu has been somewhat downsized and specialised. We would definitely recommend the Lamb Rogan Josh and a side of Palak Paneer, an Indian cheese with spinach. Dishes are reasonably priced, usually costing £10 for a main and £4 for a side, this is definitely a menu for a student’s budget. Booze too: a glass of Rose Zinfandel was £3.90.

The only fault was the waiter’s recommendation of Murgh Makhni, a tomato based chicken tikka. It arrived with a lump of butter clearly apparent in the centre which we had to strategically avoid. However the service was brilliant: the waiters were attentive and the food came out surprisingly quickly, seeing as the restaurant was near to being full. We were seduced by the chilled out surroundings and enjoyed a very pleasant evening. We left feeling satisfied, though rather uncomfortably full.

Café of the month: Cookie Shake

As a cheeky alternative to your regular visit to Starbucks, why not try the genius concept housed within the walls of Cookie Shake? Although some may be cautious at first, Cookie Shake serves milkshakes of every variety, turning your favourite chocolate bars and sweet treats into the most inventive drinks. For the chocoholics among us you can choose flavours ranging from Oreo and Wagon Wheel to Kinder Bueno, and for those of us with a sweeter tooth, and perhaps a bit more adventurous, try Skittles or Haribo! A regular shake costs £2.50 (ordering a large is perhaps an ambitious move), and for a little extra you can choose between a variety of toppings. For the more health conscious there is also a wide range of fruit smoothies in all sorts of exotic combinations. If you have any room left then cram in some freshly baked cookies or pic‘n’mix. Situated on Upper Parliament Street just minutes from the Victoria Centre, Cookie Shake is definitely a worthy reward after a hard day’s shopping.

Rosalind Magennis


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