Seven Lives Saved by Organ Donation

Vicky Johnson, a former Law student and an ex-Karni rep at the University of Nottingham, passed away  last month following a car accident near her home in Bow, east London.

The 23-year-old was comatose immediately after the crash and remained on a life-support machine until a joint decision was made by her family to turn off her ventilator after learning from the doctors that she was brain dead. Vicky, a trainee barrister at Gray’s Inn in central London, had reminded her family just over two weeks before the crash that she wanted her organs to be do nated for transplant when she died. She had been a registered donor since the age of 18.

As such, her wishes were respected and her lungs and heart were transplanted to two other women within hours of her death. Parts of her liver were given to a critically ill one-year-old girl who prior to the transplant was given only a few days to live, and to another lady in her 50s, both of whom were suffering from acute liver failure. A man in his early 30s received her pancreas after a previously unsuccessful transplant. Two other middle-aged women received her kidneys.

Some of the organ recipients have been discharged, whilst others are still recovering. To date, her organs have been able to save seven people, and doctors say her other organs and tissues can be used to save five more.

Rabab Kassam


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