Having built a reputation in London, this student-run company has established itself as a leading player in Nottingham, twice being nominated for Best Club Night at Nottingham Bar and Club Awards. They provide an exclusive brand of student night, with top London DJs, photographers from tilllate.com at all events, and brands such as Red Bull, Jack Wills and Jaegermeister regularly sponsoring nights. At the classy Escucha, Afterdark run High Spirits, an all inclusive night that gives students an excuse to dress up and soak in an unrivalled atmosphere. Aside from being able to choose from an impressive selection of drinks at the bar, each reserved table is layered with a plethora of cigarettes, sweets and bottles of spirits and wine. High Spirits, the perfect balance of class and debauchery, has proved immensely popular so far this year. At midnight the crowd moves (those who can!) to the official after party at one of Nottingham’s leading clubs. This term Afterdark launched the new Tuesday night, one.50 at the chic Bluu in the lace market. As the name suggests, all drinks are £1.50 and the launch night proved a huge success with over 600 students enjoying the refreshingly stylish venue complete with shot girls, top DJs playing ‘dirtyhousehiphoprock’, and numerous photographers. Bluu has been refurbished in the past month and one.50’s relaunch on 21 April promises to take Nottingham by storm.

By Peter Borrie


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