Beginning of a New Era for Tourism in Nottingham?

As older attractions fade away, could tourism in Nottingham be set for a rebirth? ‘The Tales of Robin Hood’, a stalwart tourist attraction on Maid Marian Way, went into voluntary liquidation in January causing the loss of 40 jobs. At the same time, the DH Lawrence heritage centre at Durban House in Eastwood has met with funding difficulties. A concerned resident argued that “the heart and soul” was being taken out of the area.

The council has, however, set up a trust with the intention of running a major Robin Hood attraction in Nottingham; an attraction which “will put the city on the map”, according to Deputy council leader Graham Chapman.

While it is unclear exactly what this attraction will be, the scale has been hinted at in a recent proposal by local businessman, James Mellors, who hopes to construct a 100m high statue of Robin Hood near the city. The statue, which would contain a restaurant and lifts to convey tourists to two viewing areas, would dominate the skyline, standing more than twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty and five times as tall as the Angel of the North.

Such a construction would capitalise on the impact of a new ‘Robin Hood’ film directed by Ridley Scott, famous for hits Alien, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down. Russell Crowe is set to play the eponymous hero while Cate Blanchett will play Maid Marian.

Dave Jackson


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