Crackdown on Campus Parking

The University of Nottingham has intensified their approach to disallowing student parking on campus. Although the regulations of campus parking have been the same since September 2006, the University had previously adopted a lenient approach in monitoring parking on campus. However, following the Christmas break, students have noticed a change in this attitude; several long-term users of the parking facilities have had their cars clamped, raising much upset amongst the student body.

One anonymous student described the recent upsurge in regulation as “outrageous”, and slandered the University for not caring about its students. The University has not gone back on its policy, which states that students found parking who have been refused permission to bring a car onto campus, or who have no valid parking permit, will have their vehicles clamped without warning.

Students are encouraged to apply for parking permits, the allocation of which is supplied by the University Security Office. Under the current regulations students living within a radius of fifteen miles of University Park are not eligible for parking permits, however concessionary permits may be issued to students. Otherwise, students must not bring a car on to campus between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, nor are they allowed to use the pay and display parking facilities found on campus. With rumours of petitions being signed, parking on campus remains a topical and volatile issue.

Emma Shipley


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