Crystal Stilts @ the Chameleon Cafe, 25 February

I went to see Brooklyn’s finest a few weeks ago and MY-OH-MY were they good! As usual, the Chameleon was teeming with sweaty keenos clambering like lice on an 8-year old to catch a glimpse of this one way ticket to a strange new decade we shall call the ‘seighxties’, but this just added to the heady atmosphere that CS’s garage-pop-rock had already generated. With a most attractive, lethargic vocal style mixed with some splashy drumming and tinny keys, the band satisfied its audience no end. They may be copycats, but they’re darned good at it!
So, you often get referenced to the Velvet Underground and the Jesus and Mary Chain. But if JAMC pulled out of headlining a festival and the promoter offered you £5000 and a slap-up meal to take their place would you do it and do you think their fans would be won over?

Yes, we would do it. No, they wouldn’t be won over. What does slap-up mean?

Would you sign to Starbucks’ record label if they paid megabucks and you got to tour with Paul McCartney?

Everyone says no, except Kyle and Andy, who would do it if we got to be in Macca’s band.

In England we have a saying that something is ‘as much use as a chocolate fireguard’, where the material is no good for the intended task. Is that where the name crystal stilts came from? They’d surely snap right?

Wow. You are the best interviewer ever, seriously. Everyone always asks about the name, and nobody’s ever gotten it right until now!

You’ve been heralded as the pioneers of a new movement – what would you call it? Avant-Garage? Icky Pop? Prism & Blues?

In a German write-up I saw the phrase “Jangle Schrammelpop”. Let’s go with that.
How bout “Jazz”, is that taken?

If you could tour with any band (dead or alive) who would they be?
Pearl Jam, but dead. Like, we’d just tour with the bodies.
Crystal Stilts will be returning to Nottingham for Dot-to-Dot festival in May, info at

Elly Condron


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