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SU President Survives Vote of No Confidence

SU President Nsikan Edung has survived a vote of no confidence at last night’s SU Council. Although a majority of votes (24 vs 16) were cast against him, this did not reach the two-thirds required to result in his dismissal.

The Motion of No Confidence was tabled following an incident at Ocean nightclub last term, where Nsikan was reported to have been in a heated altercation with another student for 40 minutes which later resulted in a physical stand-off outside the nightclub. This follows reports of Edung’s disorderly conduct whilst abroad on business at Ningbo campus, during which he wrote on Facebook that he was ‘pissing our [SU] money away’ and ‘ruining diplomatic relations’. While these previous actions had resulted in a Motion of Censure against Edung, the SU Sabbatical Exec – who were backing the motion – argued that this continuing and persistent behaviour was damaging to the Union, and should result in his dismissal.

Edung was elected last year in a flurry of change, his work on the ‘bring home the bacon’ campaign and renegade style seeing him boosted to the top of the pile from a position of relatively little Students’ Union involvement. A year on and far from promoting change, the Students’ Union Exec appear to have lost faith in their President. Edung himself admits that ‘he has struggled to maintain a dignified profile’, repeatedly vowing to review his behavior.

The result also raises questions as to the nature of the SU Exec and whether it’s productive to be censuring and no-confing individuals rather than focussing on the core aims of the SU. Council has, as ever, erred on the side of caution, voting down the second no-confidence this year.

James Sanderson

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  • The Deliverer
    28 April 2009 at 02:02
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    Thank God they only have a couple of months left. This years’ SU has been a disgrace, they are only interested in their own little political battles rather than serving their students.
    Lets see if next years bunch are different. I hope so.

  • Jim
    4 May 2009 at 16:58
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    Yes, it’s pretty depressing to see those SU-ers focusing on mr Edung when their own behaviour has been appalling during the last year. Obviously they are just a bunch of career-crazed self-important, politically reactionary often racist certainly bourgeois bunch of students incapable of focussing on what really matters….

  • sarah
    4 May 2009 at 17:30
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    I’m glad some of the voters saw sense to keep Nsikan in his position, this late on in the game i imagine that a vote of no confidence is more due to political posturing and revenge tactics than anything basd on the welfare of student Politics. President Nsikan is certainly not perfect- but he is clearly of a different mind than many of the rich Tory boys who represent us on campus. Unsurprising that Nsikan would be punished for an altercation when a tory-team member of the SU ws punished previously for blatantly racist behaviour. no suprise that many would jump at the chance to get their own back on a president who stuck his neck out in support of the ‘say no to racism’ campaign, along with a few other exec members. The SU has completely lost my confidence as adult, representative mature and moral individuals. They just come across as petty and easily led- but I’m sure they’ll get good graduate positions at the end of it- you know who you are!

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