Introducing D.I.Y

The ‘Do It Yourself’ ideal was firmly in place long before Handy-Andy ever graced our screens – OH YES my friends, that cheeky-chappie may be the winsome poster boy for DIY, but he was merely a new dog learning old tricks; the big daddy of the genre (for the believers among us) was the big G himself during those 7 (well, 6) days of heady creationism…However for all those musical and rebellious: DIY music was popularised back in the 80s when bands realised that they could do away with the dictatorial control of the recording studios and go it alone. It was a romantic, “fuck you,” time when bands recorded, pressed onto record and distributed their songs to college radio stations and regional local weeklies completely off their own back; years before the internet and MySpace. Now we are prey to an ever-growing number of bands, some good, some NOT GOOD, who use (and abuse) the internet to promote their cloying musical endeavours. However, it should be noted that there are people who are willing to sift through the abundance of shit and bring you bands, great bands mind, for your viewing and listening pleasure. JUST OUR LUCK, then, that some of Nottingham’s roaming independent promoters have spewed forth a *NEW* day festival, SPEXFEST, with some of the “best underground music from around the world”, including Times New Viking, Fan Death, Telepathe and more on the 17th May. Info at – Go and check it out, go on, the clue is in the name! DO IT YERSELF!!!!!

Elly Condron


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