Introducing Suddenly Phantoms

Wednesday 25th March marked the second-to-last round of the JD Set Unsigned tour (a competition sponsored by the most rock ‘n roll drink there is) to scout out unsigned talent round the country. I found myself on a bus to Sheffield’s Student Union to watch Suddenly Phantoms, Nottingham’s representatives in the final nine. This Birmingham foursome, fronted by Nottingham student Andy De Whalley, already have two EPs under their belt and have supported the likes of Fight Like Apes, Sam Roberts Band and a Bloc Party DJ set. Despite not winning on the night, being pitched against Gossip and Arctic Monkeys clones merely emphasized their distinctiveness. Their music, whilst unpolished, has a vital energy and with a repertoire ranging from nu-rave to chaotic garage punk. With single “I Only Dance on Yorketide” being played on Radio 1, they’re clearly a band to watch out for.

Know when to unplug, please drink Jack Daniel’s responsibly. For more information on The JD Set Unsigned go to

Edd Gent


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