Nottingham Crowns its Superstars

The last three and a half weeks have seen competitors take part in a number of grueling events in the bid to be crowned winner of Nottingham University Superstars. After coming through the earlier rounds, which had seen competitors run 100m & 800m, swim 50m, kayak 50m, compete in a basketball shoot-out and attempt to score in a football penalty competition, the event culminated in a final showdown at Isis nightclub. Four boys and five girls had made the final cut where a series of sit-ups, press-ups and burpies in one minute stints eventually saw Jordan Mungovan and Sarah Williams crowned the two Superstars of Nottingham University.
Impact caught up with a few of the finalists including the two winners:

Jordan Mungovan-
I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for the Superstars competition, everyone seemed to be buzzing with enthusiasm and confidence. I knew that to do well you would have to be a good all-rounder, which everyone there seemed to be, as well as having specific individual strengths. For me, obviously, the highlight was winning, but there were plenty of memorable moments and it was really well organised, clean fun.

Sarah Williams-
Kayaking on the lake in the freezing cold was hilarious – about half the boys sunk their boats! Luckily the girls were more successful, only one fell in. The final was amazing – I rounded up loads of troops from Lincoln Hall and the amazing Sports Sec organised supporters t-shirts with my name on. It was an awesome competition and the champagne, free gold gym membership and IMS ball tickets were definitely worth all those press-ups!

Nina Sorensen-
I first heard about Superstars from my Sports Rep, who had chosen me to represent Rutland because “I went to the gym a lot”. I was told it was going to be a small Inter-Hall competition but this wasn’t the case. I was shocked at how many people came to support and what we were asked to do.
It was an eye-opening experience, demonstrating that university sport really does separate the best from the good. However, students of all abilities were able to participate as there were always one or two of the events in which people could show what they’re made of. It also gives your self-esteem a well-deserved lift to know that out of hundreds of students, although you may not have won, you are still one of the fastest, strongest and fittest.

Sarah-Louise Sauven-
The final was interesting! Nothing like getting down on your hands and knees on the Isis dance floor and doing a load of press-ups and sit ups in front of a load of drunk people. I was hoping they would let us turn away from the audience for the burpies… Alas not, I just hope no one was taking photos!

by Ben Bloom


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