Open Mic Night @ Lee Rosy’s

Every other Thursday night, from eight until ten, the basement of Lee Rosy’s cafe on Broad Street becomes the hub of creative inspiration that is Creative Writing Society’s Open Mic Night. If you want to showcase your own poetry and short stories, act out a comedy sketch or a monologue, have a rant, or simply fancy listening to people performing any and all of the above, then come along.

The first session had a good turnout with audience members indulging in Lee Rosy’s acclaimed tea and cake – or, in my case, hot chocolate and pitta with humous and guacamole. A cheerful MC led the proceedings and performers came up to present their pieces. The night opened with a performer reading an extract from a book he was writing about the interaction between father and son. The subject matter of poetry ranged from experiences of different countries to love. One boy recited a long, impressive piece of poetry he had written by heart, and one girl read out a poem that she had written while watching the other performers. Works by T.S. Eliot and Pablo Neruda were amongst the famous pieces read. The next session saw some fantastic dramatic improvisation and stand-up as well as a singer and more poetry. So, if you want to get your arty pants on and come along to this fortnightly event, check out details of the next session on the Facebook group, Open Mic Night @ Lee Rosy’s.

Anisa Kadri


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