Oxford Uni Editors Resign over Racist Spoof

The editors of Oxford University’s newspaper, Cherwell, have resigned after copies of a spoof edition handed out during a meal held by the weekly paper’s editorial team in November 2008 were leaked.

Entitled the Lecher, the satirical edition mocked the Holocaust, included racist comments and a front-page piece on two students sexually abusing and killing babies. Joint editors, Sian Cox-Brooker and Michael Bennett resigned asserting that they were not responsible for the spoof edition and offering an apology.

Oxford Student Publications Ltd, which publishes Cherwell, demanded the resignations and stated that the Lecher was “utterly deplorable”.

It is a tradition at Oxford University to publish a spoof of Cherwell at the end of each term as the old editors hand over to new ones. Cherwell is one of the oldest student publications, dating back to 1920, with famous authors Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene amongst former editors.

Anisa Kadri


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