The Ropewalk Pub Quiz

There are very few things in life that have the capacity to educate, stimulate and entertain – but the Ropewalk Pub Quiz is one exception to this rule. If you are looking to have a good catch-up with friends or even want to improve your chances of making it onto Nottingham’s University Challenge team, then this is for you.

The format is simple: each member of every team pays fifty pence, and for the glorious winners the grand prize is a £30 bar tab (plus a campus-wide reputation as the crème de la crème of Lenton’s brainiest students). This involves the tactical decision of how big to make your team: the bigger the team, the more knowledge BUT the less prize money per person at the bar if crowned winner – a difficult choice for any passionate quiz-man.

Rounds include the ‘Picture Round’- tailor-made for avid readers of ‘Heat’ magazine: a celebrity spot-a-thon not for the half-hearted. Other rounds include ‘Current Affairs’ and ‘Guess-the-Intro’. Finally, the quiz climaxes in the all important ‘Wipe Out’ round – the most deadly of them all. If all questions in this round are answered correctly your team will earn themselves ten bonus points, But answer one wrong and your team tragically gets no points and loses all hope of victory. Exciting, thrilling and competitive – the Monday Night Ropewalk Pub Quiz promises to be a night to remember, as long as you don’t drink too much.

By Claire Meakin


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