Tis A Fair Shout To Have A Cheap Night Out

Being a student is no fun. Well, that’s a lie, obviously. But being broke is the typical student’s financial status and that’s not fun. If you, like so many of us, are languishing in your overdraft, striving to get back in the black or calling mummy for financial support, you might want to consider saving money. As in, spending less. And where better to save money than a night out? Nowhere, I daresay. Apart from perhaps a bank.

Let’s begin by considering the preparation for a night out. It’s tempting to buy a new outfit for a night on the town, especially because the loan can feel like free money. Unfortunately the definition of ‘loan’ means that you have to pay it back – shocking, I know, but someone had to tell you eventually. Also, many people don’t realise that you have to eventually pay your overdraft back too; I was horrified when I found this out, and I have often felt banks do not make this clear enough. Limit your outfit buying to special occasions (weddings, funerals, yacht parties) and you should be okay. Your weekly trip to Ocean may be special to you, but in this current economic climate, you’re going to have to tone your spending down.

Dress to reduce the odds that you will lose something if you are the disorganised sort. As we all know, a good night out involves strewing driving licenses, passports and mobile phones merrily about the club. Sometimes the energetic spontaneity of carefree youth gets the better of us, resulting in a giggling call to mummy (from your friend’s phone) explaining that she may need to advance your birthday present of a new mobile. To all the scatty ladies out there – wear a bag with a zip rather than that pretty one with a button. To the disorganised fellas, make sure your trouser pocket can hold your stuff f securely or invest in a bag with a zip – we are living in a metrosexual age after all. Man-bags are the way forward.

After extensive research, we found that the biggest expense on a night out is generally alcohol. While it is nice to have a few beverages at the club or bar you are attending, you should limit these to a couple of choice drinks by observing that ye old tradition – the ’pre-lash’ – which saves money and arguably can be the best part of the night. What better than to lose the ability to walk properly before you even reach the club.

When it comes to the execution of the night out, take advantage of being a student if you want to save money. Society, though it can be cruel, has shown that it realises the financial plight of the average student. A well-kept secret of Nottingham clubs is that on student nights the drinks are cheaper. You might want to look into that.
Travel costs can be kept to a minimum by sharing taxis. While it may be tempting to pretend you have your own private chauffeur, by getting into the same taxi as your friends you can save a considerable amount of money. Walking is of course free, but, without meaning to sound like your mum, it’s dangerous. Who knows what could happen to you while you’re outside, on your feet. Also, it’s cold, time-consuming and at the risk of sounding like a bimbo, it’s going to be painful in heels. Not saying your mum’s a bimbo or anything!

So, there we have it – some revolutionary ways to enjoy a night out whilst bearing in mind the dreaded bank balance. The credit crunch, beaten once again! Hurrah for economically savvy students.

By Anisa Kadri


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