Wavves @ the Chameleon Cafe, 27 February

Mix the Ronnetts with Brian Wilson, add in a couple of do-wops and a dash of no-wave, stir it all up in a tin can and you get Wavves. San Diego based Nathan Williams is the talented skater kid-come-auteur of this pop-noise project. Introducing himself with self-titled song Wavves, it’s like summer already came, and I’m 15 again, hanging on a beach in California. His melodies are simple, lyrics angst-ridden – with many songs containing ‘Goth’ in the title. Sounds like a winner to me. I’m So Bored is particularly good because it sums up just about everyone’s expression in the room – who mostly look, well, kinda bored. Not the fault of Wavves I might add, just that being moody and looking bored is apparently in vogue; smiling isn’t cool anymore. Clearly no one told that to Nathan, who is busy shaking his hips and can’t help but smile.

Elise Laker


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