A Different Kind of Charity Event at the British Heart Foundation, Bridlesmith Gate

As a keen vintage shopper I decided to pay a visit to the British Heart Foundation shop for their volunteer-led promotional event on 15th May. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain when I got there so I appreciated being welcomed into the store by the giant red heart shape that was parading around outside. The volunteers were valiantly fighting against the rain in an attempt to draw people in, and I soon found myself holding a paper bag containing information about the charity and a free donation bag.

Whilst I’m a strong advocate for the charity shop experience I have never actually donated any of my own stuff, so it was good to be given the donation bag as it made me think about the possibility of doing this in future. Giving us information about the British Heart Foundation was also a good move since I’ve never really considered what they do, and there were plenty of volunteers around to explain.

Trying to attract the attention of members of the public who are determined to hide behind their umbrellas is no mean feat, and the volunteers did an excellent job handing out their gift bags and capturing people’s interest despite the rain. Hopefully, with better weather, events like this could be an exciting new way to engage people with charity and encourage them to donate their own unwanted items for a good cause.

Lucy Jones


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