European Election Debate

6:30-8:30 Tuesday 2nd June, Coates Road Auditorium

Historically, students are one of the voting groups least likely to turn out at European elections. The threat of BNP electoral gains has fuelled an increase in student-targeted campaigning by anti-facist groups such as Hope Not Hate, aided by social networking websites such as Facebook. However, anecdotal evidence would suggest the vast majority of students have little or no idea about the candidates wanting to represent them in Brussels

To help students decide who to vote for the Nottingham Debating Union are hosting a “Question Time” style debate with candidates from 7 of the parties contesting the East Midlands European Parliamentary constituency including:

The postman who refused to serve those that spoke poor English
The currently serving MEP who described the reduction in the rebate as “Treachery”
The candidate hoping to be the youngest ever MEP

Free to attend and with a drinks reception following the event, this is a chance to ask hard-hitting questions to the candidates before the June 4th polls.

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  • Rob
    28 May 2009 at 22:41
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    I heard that dev ex-postmaster bloke used to be a lib dem, but they wouldnt pick him so he oddly joined, not so long ago the complete opposite party, UKIP?

  • Deepthroat
    29 May 2009 at 00:04
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    I’ve heard that one of our very own Nottingham University students is running in these elections- can anyone shed any light on this exciting development?

  • Luke Place
    30 May 2009 at 10:49
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    Henry Blanchard is running as the 4th candidate for the Jury Team. I think they need 80 per cent or so of the vote to get him elected 😀

  • Lucy Hayes
    30 May 2009 at 14:11
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    The postmaster in question, Deva Kumarasiri, serves on Geldling Borough Council but has now had his name removed from the Liberal Democrats’ list of councillors. The party claims it can no longer accommodate his views. I’m not sure why he then chose to join UKIP, but yes, he is now campaigning with them to represent the East Midlands.

    He lost his job for refusing to serve customers who did not speak English, then moved to another Nottingham Post Office but was ordered to leave a few days later after refusing to give up his stance.

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