An Alternative Guide To England

For those students currently studying here on exchange from other countries, Impact takes a look at some travel destinations closer to home with a guide to some of England’s less-well-travelled cities.


Lincoln was especially famous for its cloth and wool; Robin Hood himself supposedly sported an outfit of Lincoln Green.

To see:
– The Castle: One of the finest remaining Norman Castles in the country, and the site of one of the four surviving originals of the Magna Carta.
– Lincoln Cathedral: At its completion this was believed to be the tallest man-made structure in the world.
– Shops: The old shops of Steep Hill and Bailgate.
– Market: The traditional German-style Christmas Market. Don’t go if you’re agoraphobic!

A drink on the Brayford Waterfront with Lincoln’s newest bars and restaurants, where you can take in the views and have a relaxing evening.


Manchester has a striking mix of old and new buildings, thanks to the Renaissance of the industrial cities of the north.

To see:
– The Museum of Science and Industry: See locomotives from the 19th century, and a vintage Spitfire aircraft.
– Manchester United Football Club: 2009 Premiership Champions
– The Printworks: An atypical entertainment complex with restaurants, bars, clubs, a cinema and a health club.
– Arndale Shopping Centre: Its toilets were awarded ‘Loo of the Year’ in 2007 and 2008!

Eat at China Buffet in Chinatow, with as much as you want for only £5.50! Don’t worry, it’s not dodgy for the price – the food is fresh and tasty. Don’t stay more than an hour though, it gets busy at lunchtime. I managed six courses and all I have to say is: eat and be merry!


Once a bustling merchant town founded on textiles, leather and pottery, today Leeds is a vibrant student city with a large cultural offering and numerous shops.

To see:
– The Victoria Quarter: It has a great commercial arcade.
– Leeds Art Gallery: With works by Rembrandt, Turner, Blake, and others.
– The ‘Otley Run’: The Leeds version of our ‘Campus 14’, this fancy-dress pub crawl consists of having a drink in all the pubs on Otley Road. And there’s quite a few!
– Kirkstall Abbey: The most complete early Cistercian (12th century) building in England.

A lunch at Pickles and Potter deli with its amazing range of salads, cakes and sandwiches. Try the roast beef sandwich with lettuce, mustard, coco and pineapple.

Angelique Stastny

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