Cafe of the month: Warsaw Diner

Not only does it serve the best breakfast in Nottingham, Warsaw Diner is also a miraculous hangover cure. Polish restaurant by night and American style diner by day, it is ideally located at the top of Derby Road on the way into town. With its retro decor and bright leather booths, walking through the doors feels like stepping onto the set of Grease (if there had been Polish extras in Grease, that is). Breakfasts are served until 2pm, although try and arrive before 1pm if you don’t want to queue for a table. Blueberry pancakes and fruit smoothies can help provide you with your 5-a-day, but the hearty breakfasts are the ideal gorging options. Hash-browns, sausages (veggie too), eggs any way you want them, bacon and pancakes (with maple syrup of course), beans, mushrooms…you probably won’t need to eat again for the rest of the day. Bottomless coffee and orange juice are included with most breakfast choices, making the prices very reasonable indeed.

Louise Fordham


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