Nottingham Gets Noise-Y

As Nottingham students, we tend (unfortunately) to fall into the lazier category of fun-seekers. Be honest for a minute – you’ll almost certainly fall into one of these four categories of socialites:

a) The ‘pretend-I-don’t-love-it-but-really-I-do’ Cheese-Seekers: Isis, Ocean or the imaginatively named Ocean-A (I’m sure they’re very different, though for the life of my I still can’t understand why – answers on a post card)

b) The ‘grab-yourself-an-asymmetrical-haircut-and-a-modicum-of-interest-in-“subversive”-music’ Indies: Social-Rescue Rooms-Stealth-Social-Rescue Rooms-Stealth and so the never-ending cycle continues…

c) The ‘I-take-drugs-and-can-therefore-stay-up-til-morning-listening-to-music-that-I-won’t-remember-the-next-day-but-for-God’s-sake-I’ll-claim-to’ Ravers: Learn some underground DJs “early stuff” and ride on that for 3 years – no one will ever suspect as long as you’re mashed.

d) The ‘doesn’t-Vodka-Revolutions-have-cheap-drinks-on-a-Wednesday?-no?-well-let’s-go-anyway’ Big-Spender: Browns, Market Bar, Snug, Dogma – sweaty places, girls everywhere… You know the drill.

Now, these are all totally viable ways to let off your well-earned steam. However, if you fear that you are idly falling into these social occasions for lack of other options, then never fear, Noise is here! Or rather, it has been here *ahem* for, um, a couple of years now… but still.

Back in 2007 a musically motivated duo, Seb and Adam, got together to bring a new night to our socially under-nourished palate, and this one has got a lot to offer. The premise: every month a different theme is named and variously inspired musos proffer their tunal libraries and DJ skills according to whichever genre appeals. Taking place in Hockley’s cosy Jam Café, which Seb claims (and I’m inclined to agree) is “perfectly suited to the mood and ethos of Noise”, this unique night offers us a much-needed exploration of popular music’s history. According to its creators, “a ‘showcase’ of genres would send too didactic a message… it’s more about different people bringing along unknown records or genres of music that they feel are lost treasures and should be brought to light.”

When asked to name a few examples of past nights, Seb reeled off an impressive list (some of which had to be spelled out for me… there was some loud 80s hip-hop going on – it was the ‘History of the MC’!): Detroit Techno, Dub Sound System, Kraut-Rock, Soundtracks, Italo-Disco, Garage Rock, History of the Synthesizer, NY No Wave… Gosh, the list went on – even he couldn’t remember them all!

The point I’m getting to is that whether you’re from category a), b), c) or d), Noise has something to offer you, and you don’t have to be wasted on Lambrini to enjoy it – it’s e) all of the above!

The next Noise event takes place 5th June, with a cross-genre exploration from Radiophonic Workshop to Warp Records and beyond! Woop Woop!

Elly Condron


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