The Comedian, the Candidate and the Spin-Doctor

The Coates auditorium on the evening of Tuesday 28th April was the setting for what was without doubt one of the stranger events to have taken place on campus. For the pleasure of over 500 paying customers, Eddie Izzard, Alastair Campbell, and prospective Nottingham South MP Lillian Greenwood took the stage for over an hour in what amounted to an interview, Q&A session and Labour Party rally all rolled into one.

Izzard spoke first, attracting rapturous applause and laughter despite his apparently disorganised style, barely referring to the few notes he had prepared. Izzard outlined his commitments to Europe, humanism and social democracy, before revealing his ambition to become an MP/MEP “within the next ten to fifteen years”. Lillian Greenwood was subsequently interviewed by the comedian, taking the opportunity to denounce the Conservative party and extolling the achievements of Labour.

Alastair Campbell was next to be presented with Izzard’s questions, and later members of the audience were invited to pose their own questions to the former spin doctor.

Campbell’s response to the question, “what’s been you funniest moment in politics?” was particularly well received, replying “Tony Blair, in his underpants. In bed. Wearing a crash helmet. In Japan. Reading emergency earthquake instructions. If the British public could have seen that, they might never have voted for him.”

Tim McFarlan


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