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City Centre rocked by fire at nightspot

Following an extensive search by trained dogs, firefighters have announced that no bodies have been found following a significant fire at Liberty’s Bar, a club on Upper Parliament Street in the city centre.

Starting at 2am and noticed by university revellers across town, the fire badly damaged the third and fourth floors and caused the roof of the building to cave in. It required eight crews of firefighters from across town to be deployed, with sixty people tackling the flames at its peak. In the aftermath, the building was considered too unsafe to enter, necessitating the use of dogs to search for bodies in the ruins. According to the commander at the scene, the question was not whether the building would collapse, but “how imminent that collapse would be”.

All businesses on that side of Upper Parliament Street have been closed, and others have been adversely affected. While the Job Centre, Tribunals Service and Tesco Express are soon to reopen, Rob Darby – the owner of Cucamara Cocktail Bar in Hurt’s Yard – lamented the timing of the inferno: “It’s disastrous timing because all the students came back on Sunday”, he said, “Students form their habits in the first couple of weeks”. A swine flu medication pick-up point near the scene has been relocated.

Transport has been similarly impeded. Derby Road, Theatre Square, Friar Lane, Maid Marian Way and Angel Road have been affected by diversions, while some bus services have been diverted from their usual routes. Tram Services are unchanged.

Dave Jackson

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  • Ian Steadman
    23 September 2009 at 09:17
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    Good to hear nobody was hurt. With a fire of that magnitude it’s surprising, but a relief – Liberty’s was always very much a non-student, local kind of bar, and as it’s midweek with all the Fresher’s about I imagine a fair few of their usual clientele weren’t around.

    If I’m smiling at the thought Cucamara’s being closed down for a while then, please, don’t hate me. The place is a dive. Not even the heavy discounts on the cocktails can make me want to visit that place. It’s the only bar I’ve been to in Nottingham where the bouncers actively try to start fights with students on a regular basis, just to relieve their boredom.

    I’m much more worried about whether Rob’s Records has been damaged. It backs onto Liberty’s, after all. Where am I going to go now if I want cheap and scratched second-hand vinyl?

  • Jenny Jackson
    24 September 2009 at 16:30
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    I saw this fire on my way home at about 3am – firemen everywhere! Didn’t realise it was such a major fire at the time.

    I disagree with IS’s comments about Cucamaras. We go there most weeks, and have never had a problem with the bouncers. It’s one of the few truely student-friendly places left in town – most of our best nights out have started there. It might not be the smartest of places, but it’s got charater and a chilled atmosphere. And cheap tequila.

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