A Guide to…spotting a BNOC

Campus has recently been infiltrated by a new breed of student… The BNOC (‘Big Name on Campus’). Whilst the mere mortals go to the library for last minute cramming, the BNOC prefers to stand outside, coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other, Blackberry on loud speaker, observing their competition. Whilst some work towards a First, the BNOC aims for a First in the popularity race. Owning everything in its path, the BNOC is certainly a proud creature, but how does one spot this rare breed?

1. Far from an elusive creature, the BNOC can be seen sporting a cocky swagger around campus. Social slutting is essential to its survival, and the eagerness to greet anyone it even vaguely knows ensures it remains at the top of the food chain.

2. Much like a celebrity, the BNOC will at all times have a gaggle of admirers fighting for its attention. Although seemingly a glamorous position, the life of the BNOC is a hard one. Keeping itself in the public eye is a 24 hour job, especially in the hours after dark.

3. The BNOC’s natural habitat is the multiple bars and clubs in town, where the BNOC will shark its prey. Snaring members of the opposite sex is the BNOC’s forte, and is often achieved through the casual waving of a credit card in the direction of the bar.

4. The BNOC survives by keeping its name on everyone’s lips, so it is essential that it maintains control over the weekly guestlists for the most sought-after clubs. Queuing is far beneath the BNOC, instead sauntering to the front of the queue at every possible night, with a casual wink at the bouncers.

5. Facebook is a key tool for the BNOC, and maintaining a weekly torrent of friend requests is a top priority. A typical BNOC Facebook page will consist of attendance to a different event each night, photographic evidence of a full social calendar and AT LEAST a thousand friends.

Whether you love them or hate them, the point is that you know them. Every herd has a BNOC, but their survival depends on those around them. They are an essential part of Nottingham’s social scene, and one that I would not do without – if only for entertainment value.

Charlotte McCrudden

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  • Louis Bothamley
    3 May 2011 at 22:54
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    such a bnoc

  • Alex Wilson
    9 May 2011 at 20:17
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    I am the biggest BNOC, probably even a BNIC (Biggest name in the country lolz)

  • Jamie Ellis
    16 September 2011 at 16:24
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    Hi, Im ginger. will this prevent me from becoming an awesome BNOC. Add me on facebook!

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