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…And The Gunslinger Followed

Fans of Frank Darabont’s highly underrated adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novella The Mist may have been intrigued as to the nature of a painting being worked on in the first scene by the central character. Depicting a Wild West sheriff-type protagonist standing in a shadowy doorway, flanked by a red rose and a Dark Tower, it illustrates King’s ‘magnum opus’, an epic series of seven books detailing the quest by an ageless gunslinger to bring salvation to a world that has ‘moved on’, by saving the eponymous Dark Tower.

With Harry Potter’s length and The Lord of the Rings’ scale, much praise has been heaped onto the series, both publically and critically, and with the news that the brains behind Lost, Cloverfield and Star Trek (a certain J.J. Abrams) has bought rights to adapting the books for $19 (a figure significant in the narrative) excitement has continued to escalate.
Casting suggestions have been discussed at length on Internet forums, with dozens of actors being debated for their potential attributes to bring to the four major characters. It would seem that a slightly younger Clint Eastwood would have been perfect for the role of the gunslinger Roland (King based his role on Eastwood’s ‘Man with No Name), however, it would seem that younger actors might be given preference considering the length and arduous nature of shooting. Earlier this year rumours suggested Christian Bale was a top contender (oh, please no), but hopefully Terminator: Salvation will have done enough damage to prevent him from being miscast.

Abrams may choose to shoot an extended TV series given it’s scope and multi-faceted plot lines. Regardless it will likely be one of the most eagerly anticipated Stephen King adaptations to date.

David Bruce

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