Antipode @ Lakeside Arts Theatre

On Tuesday 29th September, four men took to the stage at the Lakeside Arts Theatre and, joined by a double bass, gave a thoroughly dynamic and arresting performance. The company’s unique style of athletic dance was both innovative and modern especially when coupled with the haunting, and at times heated, accompaniment of the rumbling double bass.

During the performance the dancers carved separate paths across the stark stage; the vibrant lighting accentuating their intricate choreography. Due to the themes of entrapment and isolation present within the performance the dancers were often unsynchronised, but it was when they were united in their movements that the complex humanity of the performance truly came through.

However, the real showstopper of the piece was the double bass itself. Its throbs and hums accentuated the physicality of the performance, driving the dancers to follow its ever shifting demands. Without it, the performance would have lost some of its raw emotion.

This slick, exhilarating and highly emotional performance was both ethereal and unashamedly human. It encompassed a myriad of emotions that were both shared and individualised by the dancers. The distinctive style of contemporary dance is something that everyone should experience at least once.

Sophie Watson


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