Council Crime Pledge Sees Early Success

Recent statistics released by Nottingham City Council show a 26% drop in crime across the county. The figures mark an early success for the Council who had pledged a 25% reduction in crime by March 2011.

A greater investment in the Police and City Council is believed to be one of the factors influencing the statistics, as well an improved unification between Community Protection and Neighbourhood teams. The greatest reduction was in vehicle crime – which has fallen by 41.7% – while there was a 34% drop in burglaries.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the decrease in crime is significant enough to improve feelings of safety within the city. The latest statistics highlight a prevalent drugs problem in Nottingham, with reported drug crime up by 20.8%. Moreover, after London, Nottingham remains the most burgled city in the UK.

Nottingham City Council leader Councillor Jon Collins emphasised the active role the community has had, and will continue to have, on the reduction of crime. In a press release, he said “by taking advantage of free crime-preventing initiatives like SmartWater, and having locks fitted on their doors and windows, residents, including the student population, are all doing their bit to keep their communities safe.” Other proposed initiatives such as a citywide ban on drinking in the streets could see crime figures decreasing further.

Emily Sargent


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