Experience Days

We all have an annoying friend or two who insist on making everyone watch their skydiving or white water river rafting video at every social gathering. But who is there to spare a thought for that very friend – all they want you to do is share a little enthusiasm about their great day out!

Sites like Red Letter Days have made a name for themselves selling ‘experiences’ as gifts to pass on to friends and family. But for those who want the opportunity to show off their videos afterwards, www.experiencedays.tv is the site for you. They have gathered together videos from many of the leading gift experience companies so you can see exactly what they offer before you buy. They also exclusive offers and discount vouchers from the big suppliers. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even upload your own videos so you can show off to the world your hot air ballooning, paintballing or even sphering experience.

The lovely people at experience days are currently offering the chance for you and seven of your mates to go paintballing for free. Answer this simple question for your chance to win:

Which Byker Grove character was blinded in a tragic paintballing incident (then uttering the immortal words, “Am blind! A cannit see!”)?
A) Duncan
C) Ben

Send your answers to [email protected].


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