Eye on Nottingham: Mint Ive

With a mind-wash of layered guitars, shoegaze and psychedelics, and the confidence that they own the stage, lyricist and singer William Lillejord pumps passion and emotion into every song. Guitarist Oliver Chetty, the architect for the hazy sound, makes swirling images float in your head. Drummer Daniel Wright and bassist Joel Mulvany synchronise effortlessly with style. Influences range from The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine to Spiritualized and Interpol.

To No Avail is Mint Ive’s strongest song so far, infused with high energy from the start and is a relentless passionate song that does not fail to deliver is all areas. However, new song Invisible could knock it off the top spot as its catchier counterpart.


Having played at last years Hockley Hustle and a range of venues throughout Nottingham, Manchester and London. Soon to release their debut EP ‘Reverence,’ Mint Ive are Nottingham finest band and they won’t be leaving. To hear more go to their myspace.

Chris Jones


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