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Fifa 10

Firmly cementing its place as footy king, Fifa 10 is all things to all men (and the odd woman). With the assists off it’s the truest, most hardcore simulation you’ll play; assists on and you’ll even get a decent game out of your little brother who can’t stop hacking you. Felt ‘09 unresponsive? No worries – unlike this year’s slower-paced Pro Evo, players pass, shoot, and do the robot (controllable celebrations are back!) precisely when you tell them, and though the new 360’ dribbling system isn’t the revolution we’d expected, customisable set-pieces and 10-on-10 online matches certainly make up for it.


You will be playing…

GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

In a medium where chainsaw duels are common iconography it’s irrational to call a developer brave merely for focusing a game on a gay nightclub owner. This isn’t brave. It’s inspired. Less brooding tale of rags-to-slightly-better rags, the second expansion to the seminal GTA IV is Cohen brothers meets Michael Bay – a return to the manic, let-your-hair-down fun of PS2-era GTA. Working as Tony’s assistant you’ll pilot missile-firing choppers, sky dive, and leave the pub games to Niko.

Prediction: 9/10

Ben Griffin


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