Impact Guide to… the best places to go for a run

When students resort to taking voluntary exercise instead of studying, it is clear that the procrastination situation has reached new depths. On the other hand, you may be one of those unbelievably motivated beings who fit in a five-mile run each day before breakfast. But whether keen or reluctant runner, you need a place to go.

The scenic route – Wollaton Park
The lake and the deer provide a pleasant contrast to the roaring traffic of the major roads surrounding the park, creating the perfect country retreat – on your doorstep! If you’re into your period dramas and local history, the house is worth a quick visit when you require a breather.
Tip: Ignore the closing times on the gate at your peril.

The convenience route – the lake on campus
With a perimeter of a mere 1 ¼ miles, the lakeside path is the ideal distance for a quick jog between lectures (or for those reluctant runners hinted at above). It is a minute away from Portland building, and has the added bonus of being a favoured haunt of a certain Mr Whippy.
Tip: Go at the crack of dawn. You were never there.

The posh route – the Park Estate
Apart from being deserted enough to keep public embarrassment to a minimum, the network of sloping streets and roundabouts located at the top end of Derby Road provides ample opportunity for admiring the view and envying the houses and cars.
Tip: Only run downhill as far as you are prepared to run back up.

The safety net – your living room
Not feeling brave enough to step outside your front door in running gear? The brilliant invention of the fitness DVD ensures you have no excuse for not keeping active. Simply choose your favourite from the likes of Davina McCall and Rosemary Conley – preferably one whose smile you can tolerate for a decent length of time without wanting to throw something at the screen.
Tip: Always close the curtains to avoid unnecessary humiliation.

Happy running!

Ailsa Mitchell


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