In the spotlight… Impact interviews Will Vickers, president of the New Theatre

The New Theatre is one of the largest student-run groups at Nottingham, and the only student-run theatre in England. Suffice to say the man managing this juggernaut, Will Vickers, is a very hard man to pin down. After mistakenly turning up at the theatre’s AGM, in the hope of catching him for a few spare minutes, I realised that ‘a few spare minutes’ were something this busy individual was unlikely to have…

When I arrived at University last year I presumed that any form of entertainment beyond iPlayer required too much effort and/or money. Will was keen to point out, this massive misconception:

‘The great thing about the New Theatre is that it’s slap bang in the middle of campus. Shows are only a fiver, so if you enjoy theatre or just fancy a different sort of night out it won’t hurt your wallet.’

Which is all very well and good, but what if you crave more than the role of audience member? Now the auditions are over will the rest of us have to sit twiddling our thumbs until January?

‘Whilst acting opportunities this semester have now passed, there’s always LOADS to do. Whether you fancy learning how to rig lights, build a set, or do costume and make-up, you absolutely can.’

The talk then moved onto the inevitable camaraderie between the people thrown together for such an intense period:

‘The season routine is fast-paced: show nights are Wednesday to Saturday. On the last night the current show has their ‘get-out’ where they tidy up in under two hours. This makes way for the next show’s ‘get-in’ – and they can often be there until 5am on the Sunday, building sets. Then we have three days of dress rehearsal, before the whole process starts all over again…’

And despite this dizzying agenda, Will is keen to point out the New Theatre’s infamous socials

‘We just had our first social of the year, which we held upstairs at the Ropewalk. Hundreds came – it was brilliant! Every show has an after party as well so it’s fairly fantastic.’
So if anything you should get involved with the New Theatre before it becomes too late. As Will explained,

‘In the near future, the Archaeology and Classics building which houses the New Theatre will be demolished. This year we hope to launch a public campaign. Stay tuned for more on that…’

Take a look at the ‘get involved’ section of The New Theatre website for more information (

Louisa Wells


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