London Fashion Week

This September saw the typical flurry of fashionable activity as the fashion world decoratively collided with A-Listers. London Fashion Week gave us glitz, glamour and the forever promising styles that will tailor our wardrobes for the next season.

Once the action of LFW was underway bringing that feverish tinge that swirls around every season, the fashion pack was on the lookout for some respite from the relentless parties.

This year there have been an abundance of trends that have already made their way to our High Street shops. Jeremy Scott unravelled his inner animal by hosting a show based around the theme of “The Flinstones” accompanied by flamboyant leopard prints.

Other big hits included pastel colours, maxi dresses and denim waistcoats. Headbands were proven that they are not just for those who live in the Upper East Side and companions with Blair Waldorf. London Fashion Week hosted an array of headbands from conspicuous bows to modest bands, highlighting their ability to perk up any outfit.
If girly pastel colours and long dresses aren’t your thing, then be grateful for the reign of leather biker jackets and thigh high boots. The average Joe like you and I may find Louboutin boots to be slightly out of your price range, but River Island and Office are offering brilliant alternatives.

Just when you thought shoulder pads were a thing of the past and something you used to laugh at your mother for wearing when going through those old photo albums, London Fashion Week has managed to prove you wrong. At the Topshop Unique show, it felt as if we had never left the 80’s and big shoulder pads and snowwashed denim was something to be proud of. Unfortunately, if this is pain staking fashion faux pas is something you cannot hack again, then I suggest avoiding shopping completely because big shoulders and washed out denim do not seem to be going anywhere, and are already being flaunted by fashion “IT” girls, Alexa Chung and Peaches Geldof.

LFW’s collection was upbeat and fun, which has certainly given fashion something to be excited about. Most notably, fashion designer Mark Fast, infamous for his tight body con dresses had three “plus-sized” models that were size 12-14 walking his catwalk. This definitely portrayed a positive message onto the fashion world where models’ weight is often a contentious issue especially during such significant events.

Niranjalie Karia


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