Nottingham satisfaction increases in Student Survey

The 2009 National Student Survey results have been released and were good news for Nottingham University, as it achieved its highest ever satisfaction score of 87%. This has come as especially good news when compared to the national average, which dropped by 1% to 81%.
Nottingham students particularly felt that staff were ‘good at explaining things,’ with 90% of those answering agreeing with this statement, whilst 87% found their course intellectually stimulating. 86% found staff to be enthusiastic about their subject and 80% thought that staff made the subject interesting.

One area of concern will be the ‘assessment and feedback’ category, which contained lower satisfaction ratings. While 69% felt that marking of assignments had been fair, 46% had received detailed comments on their work, and only 43% had received feedback to clarify areas which had not been understood in their work. However, 69% felt that they had received ‘sufficient advice and support’ with their studies.

These figures place Nottingham 10th in the overall satisfaction ratings, joint with universities like UCL, Hull and Bath and below fellow mainstream universities Cambridge, St. Andrews and Leicester. The highest ranked institution was Medway School of Pharmacy, while Nottingham Trent University scored 82%.

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Dave Jackson


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