Notts goes ‘Independent’

This academic year has been rocked by the arrival of new nights out in Nottingham at some of its most prized locations. Providing students the opportunity to escape the monotony of Ocean and Oceana, we sent out some fellow party-goers to test out which nights are fated for success and many drunk students, and those that still have some way to go.

Nina Sorensen

Tramp @ Snug

Aiming to put Snug on the map, new student night ‘Tramp’ has yet to become a player in the Tuesday night league. The lack of students, the restriction of one room and an empty dance floor marred what could be a decent night in one of Nottingham’s best kept secrets. With drinks ranging around the £1 mark (try the Glitterbomb for £1.50), it’s almost a shame that EQ stole the students, because against all odds ‘Tramp’ does have a lot to offer. Given more time and more exposure it could be a contender for your Tuesday night slot; so it’s worth keeping a close eye on it for the near future. Until then however Sunday night seems to be “Snug’s night” and with free entry the only thing holding you back is that essay you’ll end up putting off anyway. Tramp runs every Tuesday 10.30pm-4am, £4 on door.

Richard Swift

Pressure @ Rescue Rooms

Indie nights seem to be cropping up all over the place now, but why Pressure deems itself so remains to be seen. Don’t get me wrong, the Rescue Rooms are definitely an ideal location for an Indie night, with its cosy interior, chic paint-job and cheap 2-for-1 drinks; but musically, however, it falls just short of the mark. On a typical Indie night, you would expect to hear classic anthems of the genre, from the likes of The Smiths and Joy Division, as well as popular Indie songs from the modern era. However aside from one or two staple songs, the DJs selection is mostly filled with generic tracks that the average student would be indifferent to, as well as Lady Gaga (?!).

In short, Pressure definitely has the potential to be a great night, but for now it just doesn’t cater to the needs of those who are looking for find a true Indie experience.

Josh Franks

Smash at Stealth

Stealth is usually a haven of drum and bass for hardcore rave lovers. However, at Smash, the club transforms to suit everyone’s music tastes, with all sorts of genres thrown into the mix. This atmospheric scene is both friendly and upbeat with a varied crowd.
The cheap entry and extremely cheap drinks (£2 for a double vodka and coke) means there is no excuse to miss it – especially as we were given a free CD and free shades as part of the £3 entry fee.
This really is the ultimate place to finish off your night – so head to Stealth next Thursday!

Emma Summerfield

Crystal Wolf @ The Bodega

Wednesdays at The Bodega tends to be rammed with Nottingham students seeking refuge from the unashamed naffness of Isis. Perhaps due to Electric Banana’s popularity amongst those escaping Cascada without literally evacuating the dance floor, Bodega has launched Thursday night’s Crystal Wolf which follows in a similar vein. With the usual student friendly drinks (£2.50 double spirits and mixer) and entry (NUS £2 before 11pm), the main distinction between these nights rests on the track listing. Unlike Electric Banana, Crystal Wolf is largely a mix of current indie and electro floor fillers (The Big Pink, Arctic Monkeys, Metronomy) and cult classics lurking somewhere on your iPod (Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches, Buddy Holly by Weezer). Such a solid playlist is sure to please the more discerning music crowd, and with any luck we may have another staple alternative night on our hands.

Stephanie Soh


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