Notts Medics Deported In Swine Flu Fear

Twelve Nottingham medical students made a splash in the international press over the holidays when they were quarantined just four days into a six-week voluntary project in Kenya.

They tested positive for the H1N1 virus during a trip to Kisumu. They were the first cases of swine flu in any African country, and received heavy press attention. It was swiftly decided that they should be removed from Kenya to avoid the spread of the disease.

They were quarantined in the top storey of the Duke Breeze hotel for eight days, before being deported home. By this time they were the centre of a media frenzy. When they left the hotel on July 3rd, decoy buses full of white tourists were sent from the front of their hotel, while they escaped via a different route to the airport.

Ted Allen, director of the Kenyan Orphan Project, said: “The students are fit and well but deeply disappointed that the programme was disrupted.”

Dave Jackson and Henry Blanchard


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