One to Watch: Girls

Whilst looking for a cool image, which shows how cool Girls are, what I thought was an idea flashed into my head. Instead of a regular light bulb though, it was one of the energy saving ones, which like the light it produces meant that the idea was a bit cack. Before I saw the flaw, I had already hit enter on Google image search.

What can I tell you that won’t make you salivate over this band? Nothing because they are the next best thing to come out of sunny San Francisco, California. Their happy-go-lucky songs fuelled by psychedelics and lo-fi pop about love and yearning, inspire you to just jump around which is bound to make you feel better. The album ranges from the insanely high adrenaline and addictive Lust for Life to the calm and mournful vocals on Hellhole Ratrace.

Their self titled debut album is continuing the heat waves started this year by the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Wavves promising to be this year’s best.

Girls are playing at the Bodega Social on the 9th October. To hear more go to their myspace.

Chris Jones

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