One to Watch: HEALTH

When LA band, HEALTH came to the Chameleon they tore down the curtains and walls of the place with their incredible sound of feedback plus more feedback. The sonic destruction feels like another language in guitar musical history which was created when Kevin Shields decided to shred ears in 1988 with Isn’t Anything and again in 1991 with Loveless. Its taken them one full length album and a remix album to get to a stage where on their latest Get Colour they finally have the confidence and knowledge to produce something that is mind altering. They are probably more famous for the work with Crystal Castles on their remix album then their other stuff but it just extends their creativity and horizons and evidence can be seen in the new album.

Their third album Get Colour is out now and for those that are intrigued by the LA noise groups persona visit their myspace.

Chris Jones

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