Overheard in Hallward

You’re a shit glory supporter because you don’t event support a good team
They call me Tubesy
You know shit better than anyone, you’re from Peterborough
It’s like yeah, bring some Wispas, let’s make it a party
Sometimes I’m honestly not sure whether you’re male or female
If I had money I would’ve bought it rather than stolen it
I find that wherever he is I often choose to head in the opposite direction
He introduced his girlfriend as his PA
I never knew you thought paninis were homoerotic
You know you’re in for a rough time when the 3rd word in is ‘hermeneutic’
I was getting paranoid ‘cause suddenly my handwriting got really good
Why are you always looking around? YOU DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE
Special pen AND special needs
Yeah but an hour is also like 20 minutes
And that basically constitutes rape, doesn’t it?
I only complain on the weekends
Pour the egg into the middle of the vortex
HENCE the salad
It’s concealed in a really crappy area of town
I was only a vegan because she was a vegan
Mate, it’s October and I didn’t even know
You’ve got 25 seconds and no chance whatsoever
It had an all-Stilton centre and it was INCREDIBLE
I can’t live without that chutney
The music is shit, just allow it
I know someone that slept with him and came away with carpet burns
I’m often misrepresentated
West North West just doesn’t exist
They were the loudest foxes in the WORLD
Citrus is where it’s at
Let’s Google image search ‘gooch’
Mmm… Morticia Adams
Your casually meeting him was not at all casual
I’ve been a bit too drunk all week
Pipe the fuck down and eat some food

Gabby Dematteis


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