Take off the City blinkers

A word of advice to all second and third years: calm the fuck down. I’ll admit, official figures aren’t encouraging – 17% of all young people out of work and 9% of graduates are still unemployed six months after leaving Uni. But let’s dwell on these figures later, and allow me to court controversy for a moment.

Nottingham is consistently in the top 5 universities for graduate recruitment, and is a target institution for every major blue-chip firm in the UK. Does it seem more likely that it is our graduates languishing in dole-queue obscurity, or those from less prestigious institutions?

Does it seem likely that, when 21% of sixteen year-olds leave school without a single GCSE of grade C or better, it is us and not they who cannot find work?

I’m not presuming to arrogantly assert that we are intrinsically better than those who have had the misfortune to attend underperforming schools, or be born into difficult circumstances. However, purely on paper, by every academic metric that a recruiter could hope to use, we are more employable than most.

It’s true, the spiritual home of the Nottingham graduate – The City- has slashed recruitment rates, so perhaps we can’t rely on ‘The Milkround’ to cherish and pamper our privileged bottoms into a £30k entry position. We’re in a recession, sights must be set lower than an investment bank, at least for now. However, if statistics are to be believed, we rank in the top 5% of the population for qualifications and employability- if we can’t find a job, God help the rest of the UK.

Henry Blanchard


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