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To Infinity and Beyond…

So there you have it, you’ll be animated to the max in your fresher’s month. But then again, for most students those particular weeks pass by in a bit of a drunken blur and the prospect of leaving campus for anything but a ride on the lash train may seem little short of ridiculous. So bearing that in mind, here’s a run down of what animation has to offer for the rest of the year…and for a few years after that.

If you like to play it safe with sequels then you’re spoilt for choice, and what better way to kick things off than with the arrival of ‘Toy Story 3’ in June. Pixar are tightlipped when it comes to specifics but we do know that Andy will be leaving home for college and you’ll be able to watch it in (debatably) glorious 3D. Here’s hoping it won’t follow the Godfather trend of a superb original, an arguably better sequel and a disastrous threequel. But hey, Barbie and Ken are set to play a bigger role so there’s hope yet.

Other franchises set to return are Cars (because the merchandise sales are worth squillions), Shrek get’s a fourth and a fifth installment (because big green ogres shit little green dollar bills) and Jack Black’s Po will skadoosh his way back onto the big screen in Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom. Oh, and Puss in Boots gets a Shrek spin off because big green ogre’s little furry friends shi… Well, you get the picture.

In the nearer future traditional 2D animation makes a comeback thanks to some major changes at the house of mouse. John Lasseter has taken over Disney’s animation wing and after having revolutionised animation with Pixar he’s now taking the former behemoth back to its roots. This Christmas ‘The Princess and The Frog’ hits our screens and early stills indicate it will be a traditional musical-cum-fairy tale just like the Disney we knew and loved. That should suitably set the scene for the year after when we meet the girl with a phobia of hairdressers – Rapunzel. It’s almost shocking that a story that seems such a perfect fit for the studio has taken this long for them to adapt.

All that and I’ve barely scratched the surface: I haven’t even mentioned Winnie the Pooh, The Smurfs, Ponyo or Tintin. There’s such strength and diversity in the industry currently that it’s hard not to find something to get excited about. And let’s not forget it’s entirely possible we’ll have another Persepolis or Waltz With Bashir come from left field. Quite honestly, if they keep them coming I’ll keep watching!

By Joe Cunningham

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