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What better way to start the new academic year than by heading over to one of Nottingham’s many cinemas on a Sunday afternoon? Autumn brings many new releases including four very wonderful animated films.

The first of which is technically two releases, and old ones at that. They are Toy Story and Toy Story 2 (released October 2nd). But in 3D! What makes it any better seeing these films in 3D? Nothing much really as they are perfect already, but you get the chance to see them on the silver screen again, and wear cool 3D shades (that you have to give back at the end). These films’ releases are also supposed to whet your appetite for the scheduled 2010 release of Toy Story 3.

The next animated film to be released is Up (October 9th) and if the trailer is any thing to go by, it looks grand. The story is about 70 year-old Carl Fredrickson, who, in an effort to avoid being taken to a retirement home, ties balloons to his house and flies off – only to realise he has an eight year old stowaway on board. It’s the latest effort from Pixar, so it probably won’t let you down (excuse the poor accidental pun).

There is also Fantastic Mr Fox (released October 23rd). This is one of Impact Film’s favourite Roald Dahl stories, brought to life by none other than Wes Anderson. If that doesn’t get you excited enough, then Mr Fox is voiced by George Clooney, the soundtrack is to be penned by Jarvis Cocker and it’s made using stop motion animation. I, for one, cannot wait to see it.

Finally, to get you into the Christmas spirit (it will be here before you know it!) is A Christmas Carol (released November 6th) directed by Robert Zemeckis-that-bloke-who-made-The Polar Express. And it will be animated in a similar fashion to The Polar Express, in that Scrooge who is voiced by Jim Carrey, and will actually look like Jim Carrey.

By Hannah Coleman

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