Which Gym is right for you?

Have you binged on Pad Thai and whisky buckets whilst gallivanting around South East Asia and want to shed a couple of pounds? Are you a fresher itching to put on some muscle as the new rugby season commences? Or, are you just content with trying to burn off that 3am Dino’s pizza with a visit to the treadmill the next day? Whatever the reason, a great number would agree that going to the gym has become part of many students’ daily routine. So Impact Sport decided to give you the low-down on the various gyms in the area, to help you make that pivotal decision in a student’s life.

Sports Centre – University Park Campus

At a whopping £195 for the year, the sports centre is a pricy option. For Freshers though it is also by far the most convenient. Included is access to the swimming pool, sports hall, dance classes and squash courts, but one still has to pay to use the astro-turf and rubber-crumb pitches. The University gym has also been popular with 2nd and 3rd years fitting in a cheeky gym session in between lectures. However, its location puts it slightly out of range for those Lenton residents wanting a gym on their doorstep. The University gym has also been criticised for being far too busy at peak times, so get down there early to avoid the rush. Nevertheless, do not rush into paying the £195 without exploring the other options.

Virgin Active – Nottingham

If you miss that well maintained gym, sauna, steam room and all round leisurely environment from back home, then fear not. If you have a few (well actually many) extra pennies a month, Virgin Active, just 5 minutes drive from Lenton, is the gym for you. For £39 a month, with no contract to tie you down, Virgin boasts studio classes and a ladies-only gym as well as all the other facilities on offer. However, it is pricey and membership at Virgin Active is sure to eat well into that student loan of yours.

Raw Physique – Lenton

Raw is Lenton’s very own boxing gym. It is essentially a weights gym, with limited cardio machines, but if you’re looking to do weights it is by far the best option. On top of a vast number of benches and machines, Raw is also home to two boxing rings. Full year membership for students is £110 and £75 for 6 months, a significant drop in price from the University gym. The University’s Rugby Club members also get discount, an added incentive to join Raw. Raw oozes masculinity and its range of protein shakes would challenge most supplement shops. Raw is definitely your bag if you’re looking for value and a place to lift weights.

John Carroll – Lenton/Radford

The leisure centre charges a monthly rate of £25, with no contract to tie you down. It is quite the opposite of Raw, offering a more leisurely environment with more cardio machines and a swimming pool. This has made it very popular with the female contingent who don’t want to line up next to 20-stone muscle men in Raw whilst trying to work out.

Working out has become vital in balancing most students’ diets of nightly alcohol consumption and donner kebabs. Being part of a university sports team means gym membership is often mandatory. You may want to whip out that six-pack the next time Baywatch comes on or simply to keep fit and healthy. Whatever your goal, it is important to choose which gym is right for you. A gym membership is for the year, not just for Christmas.

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    What about Lenton Centre Gym? A friendly, community-run gym and swimming pool right near tesco express and probably the nearest gym for Lenton residents. Although quite small and not as plush as the likes of Virgin Active and the Uni gym it is much cheaper (at £15 per month, or £35 per uni term) and with a variety of membership options it is perfect for those who find that when essays come around they don’t have as much time to go. See

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