One to Watch: Asobi Seksu

If you are thinking that the name sounds very much like sex, then you’re right. Translated as ‘playful sex’, this New York based band draw on shoegaze influences courtesy of James Hanna, with Japanese singer Yuki alternating between speaking English and Japanese. The mixture is a pleasure to listen to and exhilarating and powerful. Having made three albums under this name, and an EP and an acoustic album both released this year it feels like they are gearing up for another album to launch at us in the near future. Having watched them perform for the second time with elegance and intensity, it’s no wonder they were picked to support White Lies.

Asobi Seku are touring with White Lies and have released Reverence EP and Rewolf this year. Myspace | Spotify

Chris Jones

*Photo by Leon Ferri


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